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Collectively known as ShopNinja, our online product review aggregator and shopping aid is set to make shockwaves in the retail world thanks to its unique product scoring system and high quality content bringing users valuable research on the best laptops and tablets on the market.

Now in beta stages, our properties have had over one million unique users since launching in early 2014. This is just the tip of the iceberg continue to build our audience and provide innovative features for our users.


Viking Tech

As leaders of naval technological advancements in the Viking era, the Vikings displayed their ingenuity by inventing the lightweight and incredibly fast longboat, enabling warriors to travel impossibly long distances with the simple use of oars, man power and a rectangular sail.

Here at Viking, we share that same hunger for technological innovation by creating fast and effective digital solutions for visionary entrepreneurs. We use the latest responsive development frameworks, cutting edge frontend development tools and lean and lightweight code in order to deliver only the best websites and apps for our clients.

What We Offer

We provide website design and development, internet marketing and product development and design services. Effective digital marketing channels are critical in todays business world and help aid existing or new businesses grow through new client acquisitions and revenue. We strive to supply our clients with the perfect online tools in a world where creativity and technology exist hand-in-hand to push boundaries.

In addition to our client services, we also offer consumer services and online publications through our network of Viking owned web properties. Our latest product is an online shopping aid which promises to revolutionize the way users shop online and is already ranked  in the top 100 000 websites globally (Alexa)  used by tens of thousands of users in over 170 countries worldwide. Our clients benefit directly from half a decade of hands on experience in the digital industry.

Viking Manifesto

Viking was founded on the ideal of positively impacting the future through the power of technology. We are dedicated to exploring how new technology can be used to empower the human race in the 21st century and beyond. Our mission is to build a smarter digital world.

As restless tech entrepreneurs with a passion for the web and the world, we are and ready to tackle the worlds problems head on and are dedicated to producing innovative digital products and services.


Web Design & Development

We offer customer-centric website design and development services aimed at putting your website a step ahead of the competition. Your vision will be our mission to build a meaningful and effective web presence for your business.

Whether it be a new website design taking your first shot at the online world, a re-design for injecting some much needed zest into your marketing efforts, or a custom web solution our talented team of web experts is here to help. We aim to use all the resources available to us to implement the most economical and effective solutions possible for our clients. We are not out to recreate the wheel – unless you need us too.

Steer yourself away from websites that are overpriced, outdated and lack definitive vision.

Let us show you why we take such pride in our creations.

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SEO & Internet Marketing

We specialize in internet marketing ranging from social media through to content marketing and technical SEO.

Search engine optimization involves getting your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google in order to generate more traffic and more revenue. Our experience in the SEO industry has led our properties to rank against leading publishers thousands of times our size.

Social media marketing is geared around building an online community for your brand and leveraging social networks as a free (or paid) source of traffic. We can manage your online presence using a balance of community engagement and compelling and original content to draw relevant fans to your brand and your business.

Let us take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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Product Development and Design

At Viking we know what it takes to create a valuable digital service. We are on a mission to create revolutionary new digital products and services that change the lives of users around the world every day.

With a core portfolio of successful publications under our belt and a keen eye for detail, our team conceptualizes and build on ideas from concept to launch. We can implement rapid prototyping and user testing in order to help identify the right feature set for your project. Our own experience in the ups and downs of product development has shown us how hard it cut be to identify the features that matter most to your users.

Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur or running your very own start up business and want to steal all the limelight, let us take care of the technical requirements of your vision so you can focus on your business and trust that your product is being taken care of by our team of visionaries. We aim to provide the best experience possible in every aspect of the users journey.

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Investment Opportunities

Opportunity has never been more abundant in history than the digital age.  We have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline lying dormant in wait for the right partner.

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